U  T  O  P  I  A

Our future is determined by our actions and responses to present day events, in our communities, societies and our natural world. It's our last chance to make better of what we have discovered, achieved and created here on this shared earth.
We should celebrate and find value, respect and honour in each others good works and deeds, and rethink our reason for being, individually and as a collective.

MakeGood Design Services

On budget, at cost or consultation, award winning graphic design with web and print publishing and production services included.

MakeGood creative services provides art and imagery to help develope commercial enterprise, social and community identity, and personal, product or professional image in the marketplace. 

Sparky Blog


Sparky curates the internet to facilitate free thinking, inspire creativity, enhance appreciation, and motivate individual responsibility. 

Sparky hopes to inspire new conversations and develop alternative ideas and possibilities, as well as brighten your day. And in the process disrupt the stigma of individual stress, social division, disruption, and anxiety in modern-day society.

sparky arts club

A Creative Community Project. Skill Sharing, Workshops, Tutorials, and Meeting Places.

sparky | artsclub will begin presenting themed exhibitions and events in Dublin and Barcelona and will be curated, organised, and administrated within an online social network via this website. A permanent venue for project meetings, workshops, teaching, and skill-sharing

General Eclectic

Imagination and creativity with purpose and at play

The seasonal publication being comes in Winter 2024. The first General Eclectic periodical publication begins in Winter 2024 – it will be a seasonal digest or journal under the project title BEING, which will act as an observer, guide and witness to the state and moral responsibility of humanity in modern times. An ethical and very visual overview of the human condition with a humanist perspective.