Hand carved and talisman etched

shell with coral and gold

Two multi-stranded glass beaded

necklaces of Naga origin.

Prices on request.

Freda Kahlo style. A large silver pendant of the goddess Kali with large Carnelian stones,

Conch shells and chunky silver.

Price on request.

Fossilised Dinosaur bone pendent with gold bead collar on chiffon braid

eclectic relics

and timeless style

'The artistry shows in form,colour drama of Anna's approach, and her versatility in shaping distinctive styles. The Ancient beads and stones of which are thousands of years old, are astonishingly beautiful. One striking necklace of pale green Chalcedony mixed with dark green glass beads showcases her skill of blending shades and shapes.

The collection includes 17th Century African coin jewellery, Dramatic Naga bone and conch shell necklaces, as well as funky modern items made from Turqoise,Coral, Bone and Mother of pearl, her influences come from extensive travels 'abroad which "go into my head and pop up on the workbench when the beads are spread out arounds me" '.

"Deirdre Me Quillan" Irish Times

anna stuart can be contacted at stuartjewels@gmail.com for commissions and purchases of available piecesmailto:stuartjewels@gmail.com?subject=shapeimage_12_link_0

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Various hand worked silver braclets

Prices on request.

Strands of unique glass rods, artefacts of an ancient glass world.

Price on request.