Gold star-shaped choker


and ancient beads

Translucent and carved ancient Agates, Onyx, etched Carnelian and gold beads

In ancient times, the great trade routes over land and sea carried luxury items from one civilisation to another. The most valued items of trade were small exotic pieces of personal adornment.

Gold, pearls from the sea, semiprecious stones, and rarer man made jewels like fused glass from Egypt and carved bone from deepest Africa. All were traded and treasured, adorned and displayed.

Small precious beads made easy travellers and endured many generations, they are visually beautiful, symbolic and attractive to wear. Their shapes worn, softened and matured by the passage of time.

A selection of Bhopal  gold chokers.

Heirloom pieces 19th century

Pearls, coral and gold necklace

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Opulent Green Glass from

the City of Tyre and Gold