Oliver St John Gogarty - Dublin

Branding - Bar and Restaurant Menus - Stationery - Web sites - Advertisements - Billboards - Vouchers - Maps - Flags and Banners - Photography

Féile Clai

Ceramics festival organised between Wales and Ireland - Branding and display

Strictly Vodka label series

1999 redesign for Irish Film Institute - branding

Magazine Design

Grid Structure/template to include ad design based on same grid and make-up to pre-production and print management

AirCoach back of bus applications

Large display layouts on vinyl including photography direction and styling

Bus side and web banner

Large format bus side banner promoting

Dublin Africa Day events

Dublin Services Directory

DL printed services booklet with display ads

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Branding 2

Your company’s ‘brand’ (graphic ‘logo’, colours, fonts, style, attitude, etc) is the face of your product or service.

Your branding should be applied consistently and

with care to ensure a strong identity and recognition



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