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Mahatma Gandhi – Indian lawyer

Design, Images and Imagination – Ethical, Appropriate and Progressive Engagement
Through Creative Thought, Word and Message

Take Two brings together designers, artists, communicators and thinkers, to help inspire, enable and restore best practice in visual communication and discourse in an overburdened civil society.


Making do?

If you are looking to revive commercial or community interests – start by discovering and engaging with socially responsible, creative professionals using appropriate, efficient and the most advanced productive applications available today – Take Two is a non-profit organisation and we enable and promote social investment and best practice.

The time has come to reinvent and restore our common perception and potential with a responsible and renewed social conscience.

We want to help local community commerce, businesses and retail big and small, practice and take responsibility in branding, marketing of service and production – to provide design and creation of social identity, to enhance community wellbeing and develop personal and community perspective and positive outlook.

From mindful and cooperative design practice through creative thinking, sourcing, and ethical production – to styling, curation, installation and archiving, we can manage and coordinate input, optimise process, as well as drive social influence and impact across many disciplines.

Our Purpose

At Take Two we are developing communications strategies, creating relevant content, building products and services, designing and launching campaigns, designing systems, and much more – all to stimulate and serve the communities we care about and can help make brighter and  better.

Arts Events - Personal Performance - Promoting Projects

Arts Events - Personal Performance - Promoting Projects

Packaging Design - Print - Production

Packaging Design - Print - Production

Cataloging - Marketing - Display - Advertising

Cataloging - Marketing - Display - Advertising

Photography - Product - Architectural  - Landscape - Personality - Lifestyle

Photography - Product - Architectural - Landscape - Personality - Lifestyle

Spatiality - Locations - Scenics

Spatiality - Locations - Scenics

Website Design & Publishing


If you need a gorgeous website that is individual and functional then we can help, we will identify what you need to get the best exposure and presence on the internet. Whether it’s a social media presence, a Wordpress site, a responsive, scrolling poster page, animated banners, anything you can throw at us – just contact us to begin a conversation.  Sample demo site –  Musician

We offer everything from simple landing pages to full e-commerce and data feed websites, with an emphasis on imagery and photography.

  • Web Site Design, Web Development, Website Maintenance
  • Wordpress Open Source Customisation and CMS
  • Mobile Friendly, Responsive Website Design


Sample + Cost

Collectables Galore


A place for collectors to enjoy, exchange and acquire collectables of all kinds.

If you have a collection either catalogued or in need of cataloguing you can give us the details and photo references, etc and we can input the data and images.

These catalogues can be personalised and act as an online display of the complete collection with each item detailed and valued as appropriate.

It will be possible to connect, share, swap and acquire through exchange or negotiation using the same catalogues, all of which can be exported for personal, offline use.  



Event Promotion + Photography


Do you have a social, networking or fundraising event coming up that needs photographic interpretation and coverage? Or a series of events, gatherings or workshops, we offer professional photography and video to capture all the best and relevant moments.

We tend towards a natural and reportage approach and use a mixture of classic black & white to vibrant, dramatic colour photography in recording the best presentation of your event.

We provide a photographers assistant and equipment, for lighting and direction, with instant or scheduled uploading of photography to dedicated web pages or existing sites as necessary, required or requested.


Sample + Cost

Take Two Can Do!


Talk to us and we’ll make it better…

Send us your thoughts, wishes or requests. All of our consultancy, identity, commerce and communications services are available online when and as you need them.